agency_ DDB
client_ Volkswagen

Hola Tiguan!

Do you want to know everything about the new Volkswagen Tiguan?
Ask Artificial Intelligence.

Hello Tiguan is the first Artificial Intelligence in Spanish that incorporates voice recognition technology, allowing everyone to talk to it. With this new feature, users can ask anything about the new Tiguan.

They can also explore the car, see every design detail and even make an appointment for a driving test.

15,628,912 questions.
4’46” minutes conversation average.
+43% conversion to configuration.
+31% conversion to test drive.
+1,332,000 answers and rising.

Inspirational 2016
Grand Prix Inspirational: "Hola Tiguan" for Volkswagen.Gold in Online Audio: "Hola Tiguan" for Volkswagen.Silver in Data Science: "Hola Tiguan" for Volkswagen.Bronce en Website: "Hola Tiguan" for Volkswagen.Agency of the year: DDBClient of the year: Volkswagen

CdeC 2017
Silver in Digital Execution: "Hola Tiguan" for Volkswagen.

Ampe Awards 2017
Gold in Digital: "Hola Tiguan" for Volkswagen.

Executive Creative Director_ JM Roca de Vinyals
Creative Director_ Paco Cabrera & Pablo Sánchez
Copy_ Ferran Merino & Juan Fernández
Art Director_ Laia Prades & Luis Di Lascio
UX_ Ana Revuelta
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